Business Architecture Distance Learning FAQ

All About Our Distance Learning Certification Workshops

BACOE’s distance learning certification is essentially the same learning experience as the in-person, practitioner-led workshops at any public location, but with the advantage of being able to go through the certification process via the Internet.

The five-day session is live and runs Monday through Friday.

It’s accessible anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection.

With this live online certification, you’ll get the benefit from instructor interactions, case studies, team break-out “rooms” and more.

Online workshops use the same presentation materials as the in-person workshops. You’ll gain insight on such topics as:

  • Business Architecture as strategy
  • Federal Business Architecture
  • Business Process management
  • Business Process modeling and mapping
  • Business Architecture Framework

You’ll receive feedback in addition to your Business Architect Certification at the conclusion of the distance learning workshop, just as you would if you had attended a public workshop in person.

Being online doesn’t mean that this is a passive experience; you’ll still participate in useful, practical hands-on activities.

Schedule a customized “private” workshop at your convenience to certify everyone on your team live and all at once.

What is Distance Learning Business Architect Certification?

Distance Learning Business Architect Certification provides the best BA Certification available, and is the newest offering from BACOE. Without ever leaving the home or office, workshop participants attend the certification with a live instructor in a virtual classroom. Available via Internet, BA students access the virtual classroom remotely using state-of-the-art web conferencing technology which has been devised with maximum interaction as the goal. Be prepared: this online course is NOT passive. You’ll receive live instructor-led training along with feedback, and will interact with your instructor as well as participate in interactive activities.

Why Does BACOE Offer a Distance Learning Option?

The simple answer: demand. Additionally, current technology now makes it possible to virtually simulate a live classroom environment, providing a superior experience to that of self-paced learning. BACOE recognizes that individuals and businesses aren’t always able to travel to public workshops in person, especially those from remote and geographically diverse areas. We saw the need and responded with the opportunity that offers attendees the ability to become Certified Business Architects right from their own desks. In addition to the convenience of a certification workshop you can attend from your home or office, distance learning saves money by eliminating travel costs and time spent out of the office. We’ve found that this format better benefits individuals as well as small teams by bringing BACOE’s Business Architecture Certification workshop to them. Our live, on-site workshops are always available, but consider the distance learning workshop alternative if your organization doesn’t have enough team members who can all break away for an entire week to attend an in-person workshop.

How can I enroll in a Distance Learning Certification Workshop?

You are able to enroll in a Workshop the same way as our more traditional Workshop – on our web site.

How is the Live Online Workshop delivered?

BACOE’s Business Architecture Certification workshops are scheduled according to Eastern Time, U.S. The schedule is the same Monday through Thursday:

      Begin at 8:30 a.m.
      Break mid-morning
      One-hour lunch at 12 noon
      Reconvene at 1 p.m
      Break mid-afternoon
      End at 5 p.m.

Friday sessions also begin at 8:30 a.m., but conclude around 2:30 p.m.

Private workshops can be arranged to accommodate a schedule convenient for you.

What are the technical requirements?

  • A Windows PC or Apple Mac
  • A “standard” web browser
  • The Live Online Workshop uses both video and audio links, so a headset with microphone, in a quiet setting is required
  • A Web camera.

You will not need to install extra software on your own computer.

What is the cost of Live Online Certification Workshop?

Workshop pricing is $3,195.00 for an individual. If you have three or more people who will be attending a workshop, ask about BACOE’s team discounts.

What is the teaching approach in the Live Online Certification Workshop?

The Live Online Workshop utilizes the identical teaching methodology as our face-to-face classroom Certification Workshops – instructor presentations, instructor-guided case studies, interactive discussions, workshop attendee presentations to other participants, team breakout sessions, etc.

Do Live Online Workshops have the same content as face-to-face classroom Certification Workshops?

Yes, live Online Certification Workshops have the same content. Instructors utilize the exact presentations, case studies, examples, and Workshop activities as face-to-face classroom Certification Workshop sessions.

Do Live Online Certification Workshops have the same length as classroom Workshops?

Yes, the length for a Live Online Workshop is 5 days in length – beginning on Monday and ending on Friday – just like the face-to-face classroom Certification Workshop.

Is my Workshop online profile available to others?

Every Live Online Workshop attendee will receive login details for access into the Certification Workshop virtual classroom. If the Workshop participant has questions they would like to ask the instructor, they can do so via a secured private link, in the interface.

What is your cancellation policy?

Full refunds are given if cancellations are made in writing 30 business days before the first day of the workshop. Refunds are not available after that timeframe. BACOE will readily accommodate requests for change of workshop dates that are made in writing 30 business days before the first day of the workshop. Changes are not possible after that time. Any time before a workshop begins, however, it is possible to make substitutions. In the improbable event that BACOE has to cancel a workshop, notification will be sent 30 days in advance of the scheduled workshop.

Failure to attend or non-payment does not constitute cancellation.

What is your Payment Policy?

Payment is due in full at the time of registration and prior to the Workshop start date.

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