96% of IT Projects FAIL Because of Miscommunication

Want your IT projects based on business strategies? Need clear priorities and coordinated, consistent execution? Expect consistency and IT strategy aligned with your business goals?

Business architecture is the bridge between the enterprise business model and enterprise strategy on one side, and the business functionality of the enterprise on the other side.

The Business Architecture Center of Excellence (BACOE) is the industry’s leading resource of knowledge and expertise. We bring you the skills your organization needs to deliver consistent business results.

With BACOE’s Business Architecture training, learn the 3 underpinning “sets” of Architected Business Language.  A B L™ business language breaks down the silos in your organization-wide communication:

  • Business people communicating with business people
  • Technology people communicating with technology people
  • Business people and Technology people communicating with each other

Learn the underpinning elements to successful business understanding and communication. To “keep it simple”. To avoid unnecessary complexity.

What you will get from us:

  • Industry-Recognized Workshops—helping your business team understand Business Architecture as a strategy to advance your organization. Direction for practitioners—new and old to adapt to changing business climate.
  • BA Certificates—Certify Business Architects that have a dearth of knowledge to problem solve and effectively communicate across your organization

It is time for your team implement Business Architecture and start winning at business.

At BACOE, Business Architect training delivers you balanced comprehensive understanding of BA skills. The qualifications needed to meet your organization’s goals. You will learn to clearly communicate to stakeholders—department heads and organization leaders—to identify the path to meet your business’ objectives.   We provide members with knowledge, experience, implementation and advancement of Business Architecture.


Tired of miscommunication between your IT and Business teams?

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