Business Architecture Center of Excellence

Moving Business Architecture Theory to Action and Implementation

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Business Architecture Center of Excellence

Are you implementing a time-tested practitioner-based Business Architecture in your business?

The Business Architecture Center of Excellence (BACOE) is the industry’s leading resource developed by experts for professionals to fulfill three main goals:

  • To help business teams understand Business Architecture as strategy.
  • To advance the practice of Business Architecture and help teams implement it.
  • To certify Business Architects with consistent degrees of success.
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With these objectives in mind, the mission of BACOE is to improve the professionalism, the processes and the educational resources related to Business Architecture and Business Architecture patterns, along with providing members with a professional forum in which knowledge, experience, use, implementation and advancement of Business Architecture can be discussed and ideas exchanged. At BACOE, Business Architect training consists of a balance of comprehensive foundational skills and tools for success.

Through the collection and use of independent, vital information, defining how individual pieces of information relate with each other and developing a set of prioritized, associated qualifications needed to meet the organization’s goals, Business Architecture can clearly communicate to stakeholders the organization’s as-is state, its desired state and the best path for the organization to take to reach that desired state.

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